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Be seduced by the excellence and the refinment of the high range model of Mercedes, Bmw and Audi. Our chauffeurs will drive you all over France in those cars in all comfort and security.

Mercedes R Class
GP Limousine : Mercedes R Class
4 x 4 x
Mercedes R class is a Unique Car. It offers the luxury of the Mercedes S Class, with a biger size. It's the perfect car to combine comfort and room for a lot of luggages.

Mercedes S Class
GP Limousine : Mercedes S Class
3 x 3 x
Be seduced by the excellence and the refinement of the new high range model of Mercedes. This car is known as the most comfortable car in its category. What a pleasure to be driven in this jewel !

BMW 7 Series
GP Limousine : BMW 7 Series
3 x 3 x
BMW 7 Series is the equivalent of the Mercedes S Class. It offers all the same equipment, almost more. Let yourself be driven all over France in all security and confort with GP limousine.
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