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Enjoy one of the nicest cars on earth with our GP limousine. Delicate classicism and Modern services are GP limousine ideals.

Maybach 62
GP Limousine : Maybach 62
3 x 3 x
The Maybach takes interior design to a truly new dimension. The ample spaciousness and high-grade materials give the passenger compartment a very relaxing, living-room feel. Uncompromising standards of comfort in terms of space, interior climate, seating and controls produce an ambiance of peerless luxury. Chrome ringed wooden segments, air outlets, flaps and draw compartments combine with elegantly styled controls and top stitching to enhance the overall impression of supreme quality: the result is elegance, perfect finishing touches and sheer luxury.
GP Limousine : Bentley
3 x 3 x
This Bentley is one of the finest luxury car in the world. GP limousine provides not only a transfer, a disposal or a sightseeing: its a great car experience. A perfect way to combine the comfort of the car and the beauty of the landscapes.
Rolls Royce Phantom
GP Limousine : Rolls Royce Phantom
3 x 3 x
Say luxury car, think Rolls Royce. Phantom Rolls Royce is evidence of this. Lambwool carpets elegantly match leather seats and exotic woods coating.
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