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Discovering Champagne region from Paris

Reims, Epernay, touristic Champagne road: 8h
Fans of champagne, GP Limousine promises a fabulous trip to taste the best of them. This luxurious circuit in a confortable limousine will drive you to the best vineyards near Reims. Champagne producer, born of the traditional know-hown, Reims has a calcareous soil and steep fields.

Reims is one of the must of France artistic and historical cities. Its huge cathedral, symbol of the city, welcomed several king crownings like Clovis, Charles 10th...In Reims you'll visit many other world heritage UNESCO monuments, witnesses of the past cultural opulence of the city.


Full of history, Epernay was founded in 5th century and is well known for its champagne. With many hectares of vineyards, Epernay produces very famous brands like Ruinart or Roederer. Do not hesitate to taste them before starting the touristic Champagne road on board of your limousine with chauffeur.

Champagne touristic road

An exciting trip to discover champagnes is waiting for your with GP Limousine. Starting from southern Reims and going through sinuous roads near hills you'll end in the Pinot Noir area. This region offers much more than splendid landscapes because you'll be also delighted to enjoy the French gastronomy. GP Limousine will indicate the best restaurants and caves for the tasting.

Au Petit Fourneau in Epernay

Very nice place to enjoy the kindness of the staff. Baked apple is the speciality and can be found in many different recipes. This place is real value for money, therefore highly recommended.

Les Crayères in Reims

Surrounded by a 7-ha park, the beautiful castel Les Crayeres is today a luxurious hotel. The chef and the wine waiter are doing their best to offer an unusual meal while respecting the traditions.

Suggestion for your day
Notre Dame de l'Assomption in Epernay

Known under the name Auban-Moet Hospital Chapel, it was erected in 1893. Many historical monuments in Epernay help you to remind that it is the hometown of famous Moet and Chandon Champagne.

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