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One day in Normandy from Paris

Mont Saint-Michel, Battle Museum in Normandy: 8h
Normandy is an exceptional region with marvellous touristic places. GP Limousine proposes a one-day trip to discover some of its jewels like Mont Saint Michel, famous WWII landing beaches or the Battle Museum.
Mount Saint-Michel
Your chauffeur wil be delighted to drive you to the rock whee the abbey is. Over there the guide will give further information while visiting the ramparts and the museums. Enjoy a worldwide famous Mere Poulard omelette in on of the best restaurants on site.
Battle Museum in Normandy
Normandy is known for its special history during WWII, in Omaha Beach on June 6th, 1944. Still today, Normandy Battle Memorial tells you more about historical events since 1918. Today this museum gathers one million visitors every year. Not far from this place in Colleville sur Mer, the American Cemetery is also part of the remembrance.
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