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Paris Village

Montmartre, Pigalle, Batignolles: 8h
Paris is full of little typical Parisian quarters, little charming lanes. From Montmartre to Batignolles, you can admire Paris romanticism in a chauffeur driven limousine.
Montmartre is the artists quarter with walls decorated with "Je t'aime" in many different languages. Painters, sculptors, cartoonists show their pieces for the happiness of the tourists. Admire the Sacre Coeur Basilica and the stunning view on Paris.
The best moment of the day to visit Pigalle is at night. In Northern Paris, Pigalle has many cabaret venues like Moulin Rouge to admire the traditional French Cancan. Have a walk near the Sacre Coeur Basilica in Montmartre, have a drink in one of Pigalle's bar prior the show.

Batignolles looks like a little village without metro or large street. The atmosphere is friendly and warm. It used to be the favorite place for Cezanne, Monet or Renoir. In this little Parisian village, visit Batignolles Church, Clichy place and avenue, Rue des Dames, Market des Dames with designers shops.
La Villa du Sud, Villa Berthier

This intimate restaurant proposes a large menu of Italian dishes cooked with Oriental condiments. A delight and value for money.

Guy Savoy, Rue Troyon

Very nice decoration, very simple but also luxurious setting: Guy Savoy cuisine is original and very tasty. Sometimes he comes to discuss with the customers while eating.

Suggestion for your day
Cabaret Night

Ready for a party night? Crazy Horse, Lido, Moulin Rouge are the places to go for a erotic-aesthetic-artistic performance. 

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