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Mythical Paris

Concorde, Champs-Élysées, Tuileries, Louvre: 8h
Paris will always remain Paris...Paris is the city of love, light, inspiration. Paris can be visited through its historical monuments like Concorde Place, Champs Elysees or Louvre Museum.
Concorde Place was built by Louis 15th. It used to be called Louis 15th Place in 1763 prior to to be named Concorde Place after the national reconciliation. This place is often used for shows and offers a fantastic view on French capital city especially on Champs Elysees Avenue up to Arc de Triomphe, Madeleine, and Bourbon Palace.
In 1616, the first "Champs Elysees" was the Queen Boulevard. Thanks to the Versailles Palace landscape designer, Le Nôtre, the Tuileries garden has been redesigned with the current Champs Elysees roundabout. From there the Sun King could admire the sunset. In 1709, the avenue was baptised Champs Elysees with an elms alley. This avenue is globally known and is a shows and wanders spot. Since 1900, it has been the place to be for luxurious shops, Haute Couture houses, theaters and gastronomic restaurants.
Tuileries used to be the quarter of tiles manufacturing. Dominated by Louvre, it has the oldest French garden. This quarter is a World UNESCO heritage with Royal Palace, Vendôme, Concorde and Victoires Places. 
Your driver will go to the 1st district of the capital to visit the Grand Louvre Museum, a 800-year building. It used to be a Medieval castel and was residence of French Kings. Today, it becomes a museum exhibiting famous pieces of art like The Joconde.
Ritz, Vendôme Place

Mythical Hotel, Ritz is just perfect. Everything rimes with Parisian luxury and magic. The 2-star cuisine is evidence of the prestigious chef and outstanding service.

Le Libre Sens, Marbeuf Street

Near Champs Elysees, Libre Sens proposes a modern cuisine in a clean setting for good value for money, considering the location. An address to remember also for its atmosphere.

Suggestion for your day
Monceau Park in the 8th district

This park, formerly property of Chartres Duke, was bought by Paris city to the Orleans family. It is a very pleasant garden, ideal to relax during a day full of historical visits.

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