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Paris and great men

Invalides, Panthéon, Père Lachaise Cemetery: 8h
GP Limousine selected three monuments where great men synonymous with France great history are buried: Invalides, Pantheon and Pere Lachaise Cemetery. A must in your chauffeur driven car.
Père Lachaise Cemetery
Pere Lachaise Cemetery is one of the largest cemetery in Paris. Located in the 20th district, its surface is 44ha and not less than 70,000 graves. This cemetery has famous men and women graves like Simone Signoret, Frederic Chopin, Alfred de Musset, Edith Piaf, Guillaume Apollinaire...literary, musical and theatrical artists.
Invalides Hotel was created by Louis 14th for the war wounded. Restored in 1989, it was covered by 555 000 gloden leaves. Napoleon body has been lying in the Invalides dome since 1840.  The building is the place of several museums like military museum.
Pantheon was built between 1758 and 1789 by Soufflot. On top, the building has the shape of a Greek Cross with a dome and a crypt. Since French Revolution, this crypt is the last home of 40 VIP of First Empire but also Zola, Jaures, Monnet or Marie Curie. 
Le Maupertu, Marbourg Tower Boulevard

In a so prestigious area as Invalides, le Maupertu serves a Provencal generous and very much appreciated cuisine. A value for money hardly conceivable in this area.

La Tour d'Argent

Among the oldest restaurants in France, La Tour d'Argent is known worldwide. With a view on Notre Dame Basilica, the genuine furniture, the top competent staff, a traditional menu but of rare quality and one of the largest wine lists on earth, La Tour d'Argent is the symbol of luxurious gastronomy.

Suggestion for your day
Army Museum @ Invalides

Located in the Invalides since 1905, this museum is about French military history from Middle Age to nowadays. One of the biggest museum of this kind with large important collection of weapons and armors.

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