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Castels of the Loire Valley

Amboise Castel, Chambord Castel, Chenonceau Castel, CHeverny Castel, Angers Castel, Chinon, Saumur: 8h
On board of a luxurious car, GP Limousine drives you to discover the castels of the Loire Valley. You'll visit the jewels of France, like Amboise, Chambord or Chenonceau, visited by millions of tourists every year. In a day, you'll dive into the royal world, and at the same time you'll enjoy the landscapes between cities like Cheverny, Chinon or Saumur.
Angers Castel
In the heart of Angers, there is a nice fortress of 17 towers. Your chauffeur will drive you to se this majestuous building, residence of the Anjou Dukes. This gothic architecture has many gardens and vineyards. Do not miss the longest Medieval tapestry woven by Louis 1st, Anjou Duke.
Cheverny Castel
Cheverny Castel is an excellent example of the Louis 18th classic style. Contrary to other Loire Valley Castels, its architecture was not influenced by Renaissance trend. It belongs to Hurault family and has the same setting as in tpast. It inspired Herge, Tintin cartoonist, to create the Moulinsart castle. The Apprentice garden, the park with the Orangery, the kennels and first of all the high value art works inside the castle will fascinate you.
Chenonceau Castel
One of the most visited Historical Monuments in France after Versailles Castel, Chenonceau Castel has a typical Renaissance architecture. Overhanging the Cher river, this castel differentiates itself from the other castels. This enchanted place worthy of the best fairy tales has 400 years of history: this is a must in the Loire Valley. Built in 1513 by Katherine Briconnet, Chenonceau welcomed Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Medicis.
Chambord Castel
One for the most beautiful castels in the Loire Valley, Chambord is in an immense parc of 5440ha and used to be the hunting house of the royal family. Chambard is typical of French architecture with fortified walls and 4 towers. Francois 1st built it in 1519 and baptised it " My house". However the castel was finished 5 years after he passed away.
Amboise Castel
Amboise Castel is on North of Loire river and is one of the most visited castels. Most of the buildings were built during Renaissance period. This castel is the burial of Leonardo da Vinci. Thanks to a guided tour, you'll admire the Minimes tower. You'll access the Napoli Gardens wth Mediterranean plants. Your car will be waiting for you at the end of the visit.
Chinon and Saumur
You cannot visit the Loire Valley Castels without stoping by Chinon. Your chauffeur will drive you to admire the Medieval fortress overhanging Vienne. King Charles 7th knew Jeanne d'Arc over there. It used to be the fief of Richelieu. Your chauffeur will drive you to Saumur and its Middle Age and Renaissance Castel.
Les Hautes Roches in Rochecorbon

The vision on site is absolutely amazing: rooms are built into the cliff. The sea food cuisine is tasty and very well presented.

Domaine des Hauts de Loire in Onzain

Between Amboise and Blois this castel is a real dive into what old Loire houses used to be. A quiet and peaceful atmosphere to enjoy dishes created with passion and creativity.

L'Orangerie du Château in Blois

A nice house from 15th century is opposite the castel. L'Orangerie welcomes you to enjoy a cuisine made of worlwide tastes and local traditions.

Le Relais in Chenonceaux

Located 500m from Chenonceau Castel, the old post road house became a restaurant that will charm you with its warm welcome and its large choice of traditional dishes.

Suggestion for your day
Monmousseau Caves

An old stone career for the Loire Valley Castels turned into a big wine cave with more than 15km of galleries. An astonishing visit with thousandsof bottles.

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