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Great South West

Albi, Biarritz, Carcassonne, La Rochelle, Rocamadour and Padirac gulf, Saint-Emilion, Sarlat, Quercy and Cahors, Lascaux
In a luxury limousine, your GP driver will lead you to the South West of France for a sunny, gastronomic, cultural and historical trip. You'll discover cities and villages of the Bordeaux, the Gascon and the Aquitaine region.
Your chauffeur will drive yout to Albi, in the Tharn department, North East from Toulouse. This old historical city seduces all tourists thanks to its narrow paved streets and its little hidden yards. You'll visit the Sainte Cecile Cathedral in the city center built in 13th century to honor the city catholicism. Do not forget to visit the Berbie Palace with the Toulouse Lautrec Museum.
Influenced by Napoleon 3rd and Eugenie Empress, Biarritz is a luxury resort. It has many somptuous palaces and luxury hotels. Biarritz offers exceptional landscapes with the ocean and the mountain. Not only dedicated to farniente, relaxation, pleasures with casinos and balneotherapy, Biarritz is also a very good place for business trips. 
Carcassonne is a World UNESCO Heritage Monument since 1997. Your driver will guide you in the paved streets towards the Saint Nazaire Basilica near the ramparts. You can also have a tea break or a lunch in one of the restaurants of the numerous places.
La Rochelle
Your driver will lead you to La Rochelle to visit this beautiful city with a rich natural and architectural heritage. On the Atlantic coast, this harbour has many touristic, cultural and economic assets. Its Old Port, its City Center, its marina or its commercial port of La Pallice amke it dynamic. Do not miss the La Rochelle La Blanche with its 2 towers, its churches and its streets with wooden houses.
Rocamadour and Gouffre de Padirac
What a fantastic view from the Rocamadour village! This village is located on the Causse River and on a cliff with many brown-rooftop houses and churches. Rocamadour shelters 7 chapels honoring Our Lady. Not far away from this vilage is the 3rd century Gouffre de Padirac with an underground river 103 m below the ground. We reached the bottom with elevators and staircases.
Saint Emilion is a medieval city with World UNESCO Heritage Monuments like Doyenne cloister, collegial church or Roy tower. You'll admire the troglodyte houses, the romantic buildings and also the vineyards. Enjoy the best wines with moderation!
Sarlat is an art, history and gastronomy of Black Perigord, the famous truffle. It has an anthentic charm and a medieval atmosphere with its benedictine Abbey rebuilt in 12th century. This is a dynamic city surrounded by old ochre chalky houses, oaks and fertile valleys.

Quercy and Cahors
While sitting in a comfortable limousine, your driver will drive you to Cahors in the Quercy region. You'll visit the Cathedral and the Old Town and be seduced by the medieval houses. Do not miss the Valentre Bridge and its 4 towers built in 14th century.  Walk in the secret gardens of Cahors. 
To end your day, your chauffeur will drive you to Lascaux for a time trip. the Lascaux cave is in Dordogne, in the heart of Black Perigord. On 200m of rooms and corridors-galleries you'll see 1500 rock paintings from the paleolithic period, worldwide famous.
GP Limousine suggestions
Le Domaine d'Auriac in Carcassonne

The dining room is decorated with taste, the terrace is near the golf course and the cuisine is gastronomic and traditional. South West is honored with its famous cassoulet. More exotic dishes will also charm you.

Hostellerie de Plaisance in Saint Emilion

With an exceptional wine, an exceptional cook with 2 stars in the Michelin Guidebook. Wooden beans on the ceiling, the rest of the restaurant is more modern. A delighting moment to enjoy during your stay.

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