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Paris and the surroundings

Chartres, Fontainebleau, Versailles, Vincennes, Provins: 8h
France is history, culture and gastronomy. Cities like Chartres, Fontainebleau, Versailles, Vincennes or Provins have a great heritage when it comes about monuments and traditions. Enjoy their incomparable lifestyle.
Chartres, city of art and spirituality is known for its Cathedral and its medieval lanes. This city is split into 2 parts: the city center near the Cathedral and the lower city near the Eure river. Notre Dame de Chartres Cathedral from 13th century is the most accomplished cathedral of Gothic architecture. It has medieval stained glasses, scultptures on gates and frames.
Fontainebleau is one of the most appreciated sites by Parisians especially during week-ends. After being surnamed Fontaine Belle Eau ("Fountain Nice Water") or Fontaine Belleau ("Fountain Belleau"), Fontainebleau became the official name in 1169. Its forest is ideal for the climbing or riding. The Castel used to be the homes of great names in France history from Napoleon 1st to Napoleon 3rd. Fontainebleau Castel is 130 ha of gardens and parks, symbol of France rich history of architecture and art.
Versailles is near Paris. Castel and gardens are World Heritage UNESCO Monuments. From 1686 to 1789, Versailles used to be the capital of the French Kingdom. Saint Louis Cathedral has a classic architecture. Notre Dame Church, the market or the Queen stables can be visited. Do not miss the the Palace and the famous Hall of Mirrors or the gardens designed by le Nôtre.
Vincennes Castel used to be the Royal Residence from 12th to 18th century. This building still has its inclosure, medieval towers, keep, Sainte Chapelle and its stained glasses from 15th century. Vincennes is also known for its forest of 995 ha full of trees and ponds. Inside the forest you can go to a zoo, a racecourse, an ornithological reserve and a Buddhist temple. 
Provins is a medieval fortified city ideal for a day trip or a week end. It is located in the ancient region of powerful Champagne earls. The city still has remains like the keep called "Caesar Tower", undergrounds, Grange aux Dîmes now museum for the ancient events reconstitution performance.
Le Croquembouche in Fontainebleau

Simplicity is the key word for the cuisine of Croquembouche: simple but of fine taste. This is the philosophy of the chef who looks for the customers satisfaction above all.

Gordon Ramsay @ Trianon Palace in Versailles

The very media and charismatic Scottish chef opens its first restaurant in France. The success is early , already 2 star in the Michelin Guidebook for its setting and its So Frenchy cuisine.

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